Beautiful portfolio websites for journalists, designed and built by a journalist.

 QHow do you get a job on a high-profile publication, sell your books or get lots of writing commissions and freelance shifts? 

 AGet a brilliant portfolio website to show publishers and editors who you are and what you can do!  

First impressions count. Make yours a strong one.

About Sue Thomason

After 20+ years working on national women’s mags, including eight years at Woman and eight years at NOW, I got into building websites. I really enjoy it. I studied design way before I moved into journalism, so it made sense to do a front-end web development course. Then I thought: “Why not design websites for journalists?!”

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I designed and built a website and bookshop for best-selling writer and TV presenter, Charlie Connelly.

Jo Faragher is a journalist specialising in HR and business. I created a website that showcases her work and her skills.

I designed and built a website for consumer affairs journalist and journalism lecturer Dr Lily Canter. The site showcases Lily’s consumer articles and her academic work.

What clients say:

"Thanks to Sue Thomason for putting together my portfolio website - it's clean and well designed, and she was really easy to work with. I heartily recommend her services!"

Jo Faragher, Journalist.

“My snazzy new website looks great and is absolutely brilliant! Thanks a million!”

Charlie Connelly, writer and TV presenter



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