Beautiful portfolio websites for journalists, designed and built by a journalist.
QHow do you get a job on a high-profile publication, sell your books or get lots of writing commissions and freelance shifts?
AGet a brilliant portfolio website to show publishers and editors who you are and what you can do!
First impressions count. Make yours a strong one.

About Sue Thomason

After 20+ years working on national women’s mags, including eight years at Woman and eight years at NOW, I got into building websites. I really enjoy it. I studied design way before I moved into journalism, so it made sense to do a front-end web development course. Then I thought: “Why not design websites for journalists?!”

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I love this site that I did for Hannah Smith. The animated desktop elements make it unique and memorable. Hannah loves it, too.
I designed and built a website and bookshop for best-selling writer and TV presenter, Charlie Connelly.
This is one of my favourite websites, for Anna Turns: environmental journalist. Anna’s great photography made designing this site a pleasure.
Jo Faragher is a journalist specialising in HR and business. I created a website that showcases her work and her skills.
I designed and built a website for consumer affairs journalist and journalism lecturer Dr Lily Canter. The site showcases Lily’s consumer articles and her academic work.
This website was created for journalist Katie Osborne who has her own PR company. Katie wanted a more corporate look to her site using her already established brand’s colour scheme.

What clients say:

"Thanks to Sue Thomason for putting together my portfolio website - it's clean and well designed, and she was really easy to work with. I heartily recommend her services!"

Jo Faragher, Journalist.

“My snazzy new website looks great and is absolutely brilliant! Thanks a million!”

Charlie Connelly, writer and TV presenter

“A good friend of mine who I regard really highly in the industry says: 'This is by far and away one of the best websites I have seen, ever! Not only does it look beautiful, it flows fabulously, reads well and really does you justice.'”

Anna Turns – environmental journalist.


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